New Styles: Pete Halvorsen

Pete Halvorsen is an incredible photographer known especially for his work capturing picturesque California coast scenery. We've developed four new styles in Pete Halvorsen's Style Pack designed after his iconic editing styles of coastal scenes to bring perfect sunset and beach edits to your photos.

Find out more about each of his new styles below.


Beach is my midday slightly over-exposed style. I love the way the beach looks when the sand is white hot and the ocean is deep blue. This is how I help it along.

This style is best used for bright, contrasty images and bodies of water and landscapes with heavy one-toned ground.


I created the coastal style while spending time in Northern California. The deep greens of the trees compliment the waves crashing on the bluffs. I loved the feel of the cold air and even colder water.

Coast is useful for foggy landscapes, early morning trails, and the coast.


Glow is my ode to those special sunsets that arrive from November through February in Los Angeles. After the sun goes down, the show really begins when the post sunset clouds capture the remaining light and glow throughout the sky.

Glow is useful for post-sunset skies, expanding with extra color, and magenta tones.

Pier Pressure

My signature hashtag turned into a Priime Style. The style really came from using piers and objects as silhouettes with the sunset in the background. Makes sure the blacks pop and the oranges/yellow sunset stays colorful.

Pier Pressure is useful for silhouettes and sunsets.

You can find these latest styles on the latest Priime iOS app as well as the latest Priime Styles for Mac app.

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