Priime 4.0: What's New

Our latest update of the Priime iOS app comes stocked with a ton of new features added to the Priime Collections, new styles, and improvements to the Priime app interface and experience. We've added a lot of new goodies to check out, so read below for the full scoop.

New Priime Collections Features

Following and Feed

You can now follow your favorite users on Priime Collections! You'll be able to see new Priime Collections added and updates to existing collections by people you follow on your following feed tab. Notifications are now organized into its own feed as well where you’ll see when your collection was featured in Priime or when you get new followers.

Edit Bios and Links

You can now add your own bio and link to your Priime Collections profile for other users to get to know more about you.

Discover New Photographers

You can now search for users by tapping the magnifying glass icon. If you need to know where to start for users to follow, we've curated a list of our favorite Priime Collections users on our Suggested Users list, filled with incredible photographers with beautiful collections.

Increased Collection Upload Limit

Collection upload limits have been extended to 20 photos per upload. Collections themselves don’t have limits on the number of photos, but each upload does have a limit due to bandwidth limitations for our high resolution uploads. We've increased that number from 10 to 20 photos so you can add more at a time.

Featured Collections Badge

Now you can show off your featured collections. Collections that were featured now get a "Featured by Priime" badge on the collection page.

Updated Priime Collections Layout Design

We display your collections optimized by the number of photos in your collection as well as your browser size. For collections with less than 9 photos, we use full resolution photos in full width that always fits into your browser screen. We display these collections in full width instead of a grid to fill the browser window with beautiful photography work.

Learn more about those changes in our blog post about it.

Photo Picker Screen

Our new photo picker consolidates actions of edits and adding photos to a collection on the same screen. Just tap the "+" icon to copy/paste edits, share photos, and add them to collections. This also allows you to now use your existing photo albums as ways to pick from for adding to your collections.

New Styles from Pete Halvorsen

Beach Coast
Glow Pier Pressure

Pete Halvorsen is an incredible photographer known especially for his work capturing picturesque California coast scenery. We've developed four new styles designed after Pete Halvorsen's iconic editing style to bring perfect sunset and beach edits to your photos.

These new styles are available on the Priime iOS app as well as our updated Priime Styles for Mac app.

Learn more about Pete Halvorsen's styles in our latest blog post.

Black and White Styles

Classic Fade
Silk Contrast II

We've developed eight new Priime black and white styles. Our black and white styles range all through clean, high-contrast, muted, and faded styles-- perfect for any black and white photography editing. One of the black and white styles comes free in our Priime All Style pack.

These new styles are available on the Priime iOS app as well as our updated Priime Styles for Mac app.

Learn more about the black and white styles in our Black and White Styles blog post.

We've added a lot of incredible changes to Priime Collections, and you can create your own collections on the Priime iOS app. The latest styles are available on the Priime iOS app and Priime Styles for Mac app.

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