New Styles: Black and White

We're excited to announce our first black and white style pack including eight styles. We've covered all the different black and white aesthetic, from high contrast edits to faded and vintage looks. You can find all eight of these new black and white styles on the The black and white styles are available on the latest Priime iOS app and the latest Priime Styles for Mac app.

Read more below about each of our eight newest styles.


We made this classic black and white style to have a clean contrast and neutral tonal range. The "least strong" of our black and white styles, it can be used in almost any scenario.

Contrast I

There are two high-contrast styles in the black and white pack. The first of the two is clean and punchy, with dark shadows and bright highlights. It adds drama to photos by increasing the dynamic range to the max.

Contrast II

The second high-contrast style adds a similar punch, but less so. It reveals more shadow detail and structure overall in the photo, working great for textures. Finally, it has a flatter hue mix than the first contrast style, giving a slightly more vintage feel.


As its name implies, this style adds a strong fade to photos, giving them a vintage feel based on aging film stock. We especially like to use this on images with lots of shadows and a bright subject.

This fade happens mostly in the shadows, and less so in the highlights, allowing for detail to continue coming through without the midtones getting muddy.


Shades is a subtle, slightly faded classic black and white style that brings out excellent shadow detail. It's useful in all kinds of situations, and loves photos with lots of detail (like landscapes).


The silkiest of Priime's black and white styles, this gives shadows a smooth fade while crushing out extra dark details. Silk is great for portraits, with a heightened response to skin tones. This is one of our favorites of the bunch.


Soft is a low-contrast black and white style, great for images where important detail exists in both the highlights and shadows. For photos that already have too much contrast and are getting blown out, this style calms and brings things back into place. This is the opposite of our high-contrast styles.


Timeless is a classic, stylized black and white look. It comes with smooth faded shadows, good contrast, and a vintage hue mix. Useful in nearly every situation, this is a look that ages fantastically.

You can find these latest styles on the latest Priime iOS app as well as the latest Priime Styles for Mac app.

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