Feature: Grazian Moreno (@grazfed)

We gravitated towards Grazian Moreno’s Instagram feed for the clean urban photography of Los Angeles and beyond. Grazian has a creative eye for minimalist scenes and capturing transient moments in beautiful spaces whether the setting is a museum, mural, or well-designed shop.

We love all of the photos you take in museums. What draws you to shooting at museums?

I just love going to museums to be inspired. A lot of people go to museums to look at art, correct? There's obviously a lot of creativity in that space. But I always see it in another perspective. Why not layer creativity on top of creativity? Meaning, why not shoot what's in the museum in a creative way? Whether it's a person looking at an artwork or shooting different artwork in a different view. Even the design inside or outside museum makes a lot of difference. For example, when I went to Whitney recently, I shot the people by the edge of the staircase-- a lot people tend to take photos from the staircase looking down, but why not do the opposite? I think sometimes people don't pay attention to these parts of the museum, but they make different museums special.

What have been some of your favorite museums and exhibits you’ve visited so far? Any exhibits that are next on your list?

That's a tough one. I have my favorites in every city I've been to. My favorite museum in Los Angeles are The Broad and small contemporary art gallery called Kayne Griffin Corcoran. I love the exterior and interior design of the Broad. I don't think many people know about the Kayne Griffin Corcoran. The last time I went they had a James Turrell exhibit; I love his work!

In San Francisco, the De Young Museum for sure. In New York, it would be between the Met and Whitney Museum of American Art. If you've never been to the Met, it's huge. I remember getting lost in there and being inspired by so many types of art. The Whitney Museum of American Art has a very organized way of displaying the artists' work.

What are your top sources of inspiration for minimalist scenes?

Coffee shops, museums, home decor, cards and stationery.

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