Meet the Style Author: Tyson Wheatley

Tyson Wheatley is a strategist, producer, and photographer whose work has taken him around the world. After working with CNN for 11 years based in Hong Kong, Tyson worked in San Francisco as a Communications Manager at Instagram. Tyson currently travels the world doing influencer work and photography projects. Hosting events, being active in the photography community, and sharing his expertise comes naturally to him and we're excited to announce that he's sharing his photography editing techniques that you can find on the Priime app with his four distinct styles that help tell his story as he travels the world.

How did you get started with photography?

Instagram was the start for me. I think I've always had an interest in photography but Instagram gave me the inspiration to capture and share images and ultimately the confidence to try it professionally. Up until a couple years ago I was only shooting everything on an iPhone. It was because of an job opportunity through Instagram where I worked with Travel Alberta that I bought my first DSLR.
How has your photography and editing style changed over time?

I think my style continues to evolve along with my interests and experiences. I've always been drawn to architecture, design, and landscapes but lately I've been more interested in documentary and storytelling through imagery. I think my editing style has evolved to - I think it's gotten more minimal.
Are there any recent travels or projects you've been working on that you're excited about?

Right now, my goal is to continue to explore and establish myself as a photographer in Asia. This year I was fortunate to have really amazing projects in Hong Kong, India, Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia. Asia is a hugely diverse part of the world. I love learning about the cultures there - the people, food, architecture and landscapes - everything really.
Tell us more about the four styles you developed for the Priime app.


Alpine captures the cool blue shadows and creamy bright highlights of granite mountains. I developed this style to bring out the blues of atmosphere, lakes, and oceans.


I developed Glen to bring out the warm grasses and greens of a forest in late summer. It works especially well with foggy and overcast skies.


Lost is about lovely, muted tones that work well for urban decay and tasteful portraits.


Crystal is a complement to my Alpine style that brings bluegreen shadows and warm orange highlights. I developed this style for use in very contrasty scenes and sunsets.

You can find all four of Tyson's styles on the latest Priime app update.

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