Recap: Vintage Cars x Modern Sunsets

On April 25th, we held our first event and photo walk where we invited the San Francisco Priime community to listen to some of our favorite photographers speak. Our speakers Dan Cohen, Pei Ketron, Red Gaskell, Klodjana Dervish, and Thomas Hawk each talked about what inspires their photography and shared their artistic styles and editing techniques at the Sports Car Museum in Corte Madera. A huge thanks goes out to our co-sponsors Peerspace who helped provide the unique museum space, Snapwire who helped provide refreshments for our guests, and Photojojo who put on a fun photobooth for the event.

Photo by Cory Maryott (@coryiander)
(You can find his full Priime event post at his Exposure story.)

We then strapped on our hiking boots and threw on some extra layers to catch a sunset at Mount Tamalpais. Despite the frigid weather, we caught a vibrant sunset and had a crew that captured some snapshots of the event and walk. Here are some of our favorites:

Photo by Kristen Titus (@titusofgaul)
Edited with Pacific

Photo by Andrea Mercado (@missmercaado)

Photo by Jonathan Gleit (@j.legit)
Edited with Tamalpais

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