Introducing Priime Styles for Mac

We're excited to announce the launch of Priime Styles available on the Mac App Store. Priime Styles for Mac brings over a hundred editing styles developed by professional photographers right to your desktop. Here are just a few of the many features of Priime Styles, the latest addition to the Priime photo editing suite.

Full Pixel Resolution and RAW photo support

Priime Styles for Mac supports RAW, TIFF, and most other popular file formats, while supporting original resolution and quality upon saving the photo.

Priime Styles and Batch Editing

Choose from over a hundred of our photo styles developed by our roster of Style Authors with adjustable style strength options. The "Explore" feature allows a preview your photo as a grid of all the different styles applied to it so you can easily compare all the styles on your photo at a glance. To create a consistent aesthetic across your photos, you can also edit several photos in a batch to quickly apply a single style to multiple photos all at once.

Integration with Lightroom and

Priime Styles can work as a standalone app without requiring any other app to quickly add a style to your photos. For users who have editing workflows in or Lightroom, the Priime Styles app smoothly integrates both of these apps so you can apply styles to your Lightroom or edited photos.

For tips and details on how to use Priime Styles, stay tuned for a blog post that will give you all the tricks you need to best use the Priime Styles app.

Download Priime Styles on the Mac App Store.

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