Further Future x Priime

We're excited to announce our latest collaboration with Further Future, an immersive and experimental festival experience featuring music, art, technology, and more. In addition to the new styles we've developed alongside Further Future in collaboration with our newest style author, Stacie Hess, Further Future also invited four Priime Style authors to photograph and document the festival happening on April 29th until May 1st. You can learn more about Further Future on the Further Future website.

With the different settings of the dessert backdrops, hazy sunsets across the horizon, and bright stage lights contrasting the night sky, we've developed three new styles for Further Future in collaboration with photographer Stacie Hess (@staciehess) perfect for concert, events, and bright outdoor photography.


Amplify brings out the lights and shadows of concert photography. With smoothed out shadows and rich colors, this style brings out the depth in stage lit spaces.

Useful for

  • Concert and event photography
  • Colored lighting
  • Dark shadows


Ethereal is a vibrant style that brings out the gorgeous colors and light of festivals. The sunset tones of fireworks on warm summer evenings inspired this look.

Useful for

  • Colorful festivals
  • Velvety blue shadows
  • Sunset colors


Transcend brings out the airy colors of a brilliant desert afternoon and is great for portraits. People showing their colors on vacation and at festivals look great with this style.

Useful for

  • Bright days and sunlight
  • Outdoor portraits
  • Blues yellows and reds

We will be announcing our Further Future Style Author photographers soon. Follow along on our Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for the photos. Find more information on the Further Future festival and tickets on the Further Future website.

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