Featured Priime Collections: Ian Teraoka

Ian Teraoka is a marketing professional based in San Francisco and is one of our favorite photographers to follow on Priime Collections. Scrolling through his Priime Collections, you’ll find adventures along the California coast and parks with plenty of foggy landscapes and portraits of his friends. We chatted with Ian to find out a bit more about how he got started with photography.

Below, we interviewed Ian about photography and showcase some photos from his collections.

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How'd you get into photography?

Back in high school, I would bring a camera and just take pictures of random things my friends did. After a while, I started getting pickier about which photos I took, and eventually started looking into the actual art and dove right in!

Any new photo projects you're working on or areas in photography you're trying to work on?

Currently, I'm working on creating a "dream-like" state in my photos, where the scenes are light and airy. I also want to start including more props in my photos! It makes the shoot and the scene more fun.

What are some of your favorite places to shoot in California?

Most of the time, I head to San Francisco's forests or beaches to shoot, but I also love shooting at the ever popular Mt. Tamalpais for sunsets and nature. Back in San Jose, I like shooting around the Alviso Marina County Park, just on the outskirts of the city.

Favorite Priime Styles to edit with?

For brighter and airier scenes, I like to use Beach, Magic, or Cathedral. For darker scenes, Fall, December, Chiaroscuro, or Ascent work really well!

Find more of Ian's photos on his Priime Collections page. You can create your own Priime Collections on the Priime iOS app to show off your favorite photography and projects.

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