Feature: Cristina Nieto (@cristinarnieto)

Here at Priime, we scour Instagram incessantly to find gems of feeds that are beautiful, cohesive, and tell compelling stories. This led us to stumble upon Cristina Nieto's work which is full of soft and simple shots. In addition to working as a social media strategist and digital content creator with stunning lifestyle brands, Cristina also spends her time traveling and capturing all of her journeys through her lens. We love how Cristina’s pictures are consistent, using clean lines and muted tones throughout her photographs in order to bring out quiet, simple moments from city to city that she visits. She has an eye for great interiors and exteriors. We share her work and learn more about her inspirations and travels below:

What do you draw inspiration from for your photography?

I think New York City is the main character in my photography story and one of my main sources of inspiration. I love to capture simple quotidian moments around the city. I also feel very inspired when I go somewhere I've never been before. The thrill of exploring a new city or the high of being surrounded by nature I think inspires me the most.

When setting up and taking your photographs, what elements do you gravitate towards?

Natural light. Whenever I see a great lighting opportunity, I just can't say no. And I don't discriminate! I love the harshness of that sunrise/sunset light (which gives that amazing shadow contrast), but I also appreciate that soft glow of an overcast day. I've been pretty obsessed with geometry shapes in my photos lately. Circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, etc. If you look closely, most of my photos have some sort of geometrical shape.

We noticed that you’ve been traveling quite a bit lately. What are some of the places you’ve been to recently or are heading to soon? Any destinations you’re dreaming of going to?

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I live to travel.
My boyfriend and I were just in Europe exploring Barcelona, Paris, and London. As soon as we came back from Europe, we bought tickets to Nicaragua for some surf and unwinding. There are SO many places that I'm dreaming of going to! But Istanbul, Iceland, and Marrakesh are on the top of my list right now. 

For more on Cristina Nieto, check our her Instagram and website.

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