Priime + Everlane

We're excited to announce our partnership with one of our favorite brands, Everlane, in our latest iPhone app release. Along with new features and improved tools, the newest version of Priime includes three new Everlane styles that we're proud to share.

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What is Everlane?

Everlane is an online clothing company that revolves around the idea of "radical transparency”. They’ve shaken up conventional retail industry norms by urging people to question the prices and source of their clothing. In addition to making beautiful yet affordable basics, Everlane has become much more than your average clothing company; they’re a brand that’s extremely deliberate about their company vision and aesthetic.

A quick glance at their Instagram account or any of their curated product lookbooks says it all. Everlane very intentionally captures and curates their product photography utilizing a clean, minimalist style; even the photos that they feature that are taken by other users align with the brand aesthetic. To us, working with Everlane to create their own set of Priime styles was an obvious choice.

After sifting through thousands of pictures, we narrowed down the their aesthetic to three distinct clean styles that give the Priime and Everlane communities a way to create images that share Everlane’s aesthetic.


If we had to describe Everlane's aesthetic with one word, "minimal" is the first one that comes to mind. The Minimal style helps brighten up clean interior photography and adds some warmer tones and creamy highlights into the mix. Minimal works best for fashion and interior photography.


Everlane's Modern style is the cooler counterpart to the warm Minimal style featured above, bringing blue tones to photographs while brightening the shot. This style is ideal for clean pictures with white backgrounds and pairs well with fashion or product photography.


Everlane is based in San Francisco, which means that they are often photographing overcast and moody Northern California scenery. The Around style was built for that. This style works best with nature and landscape photography, especially for scenes with lush greens, calm blues, and foggy skies.

In addition to new Everlane styles, the latest Priime app update has new features and improvements. We've created better organization by filtering styles by category or style author. We've also added the functionality to save your favorite styles to quickly access them while editing. Check out the rest of the features and improvements on our post on what's new.

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