Priime 1.4: Fall Styles

We launched the latest Priime app update, and we’re excited to announce that it’s filled with new styles as well as our latest feature of style bundles to help make styles more accessible.

Update the Priime app to check out all our new features and styles.


We've bundled the style purchases by style author now instead of individual styles. If you previously owned a single style by a style author, you will automatically own their whole bundle and your purchases should update in the app.

Fall Styles

After beautiful scenes of golden foliage across the Priime hashtag on Instagram, we decided to create a free Fall style pack with four different styles to help you edit those autumnal photos.


Fall comes with abundant, colorful produce and joyfully prepared meals. Bounty is meant to enhance the colors of the fruits of harvest season while giving faded shadows that capture the earth-like feel of autumn.


This style evokes the crisp air and the fading, deep bluegreen shadows of the dying light of an overcast fall day.


The landscapes of fall are some of nature's greatest creations. From the dazzling orange and red leaves, to the soft decaying greens and yellows of plants, this style brings a moody autumnal look to your photos.


The golden reds and oranges of fall foliage are a favorite of photographers around the world. This style emphasizes those tones, adding warmth and a gentle fade to give photos the aged feeling of autumn.

New Styles

We also added Leila Peterson to our roster of style authors. Learn more about her work in our previous blog post where we talk to her about her photography and the five new styles that she created for us.

We also have three new styles from our existing style authors, Daniel Cohen and Austin Rhee. Check out Museum, Redwood, and Lofoten on the Priime app today.

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