Feature: Anne McIsaac (@yellowillow)

Anne McIsaac is a creative director, art director, and photo artist living in Montreal, Canada. Photography is Anne's way of sharing the beauty and quirks of her colorful world through her camera lens. Anne has a knack for uncovering the vivid and sunny aspects of even the gloomiest days by incorporating bright pops of yellow into her photography, and she does so with rhythmic consistency. In fact, her Instagram handle is @yellowillow, and she lives up to the name. Try going through her feed without feeling cheerful and airy; we dare you.

We stumbled across her feed as she recently posted photos of her latest trip through Charlevoix in Quebec, using her favorite Priime styles Elk, Emerald, Forever Fields, Autumnal, and Montreal to edit. You can find these styles on Priime by downloading it on the App Store.

We take some moments with her to talk about incorporating yellow into her feed, her recent trip to Charlevoix in the fall, and where she's heading to next.

We absolutely love all the of the yellows throughout your Instagram feed. It's such a consistent theme across all of your photos, even as you travel to different places. Why yellow, though?

I'm very attracted to all colours; my feed is pretty much all over the spectrum, but yellow has this special effect in photos that makes life feel light and happy! I like that! I like my feed to be a happy place where people feel safe and a little bit in wonderland. Yellow brings out the fun loving child in us! I love hunting for yellow objects or compositions. It keeps me on my toes. I also love composing yellow scenes from scratch!

And what really really makes my day is when people comment that they were having a not-so-good day but my picture cheered them up.

Because your feed focuses so much on the color yellow, do you ever feel restricted with what you post? Or do you feel like it helps you by having a common theme to post with?

Actually, my feed’s focus on the color yellow has an interesting outcome: it forces me to think creatively while focusing on a certain aesthetic. You could say it condenses my efforts and prevents me from scattering my work. That being said, my creative and professional work outside of my Instagram feed flexes my non-yellow muscle and provides other creative paths.

We found your feed while you were in the middle of a trip through Charlevoix with the beautiful fall colors in play. How was that trip? Do you have any other places you like to go for to hunt for #yellowoclock?

Fall in Charlevoix is perfect for me because it’s more yellow than other beautiful regions where sugar maples turn ablaze in oranges and reds. I have been wanting to hike in “Le Parc des Hautes Gorges de la Rivière Malbaie“ for a while after seeing photos of the landscape and hearing many good things about it. And I must say that the actual place blew me away. The beauty is beyond what can be shown in pictures. Those mountains are the oldest in the world and used to be the highest before being remodeled by glaciers.

I like to hunt for yellow houses in the snow. In rural Quebec, many small cute houses are painted in bright colors. Against the snow, the scene looks like a fairytale. A yellow canoe on a lake also makes me very happy. Yellow temples in Thailand are a must. Lemons in a farmer’s market are fun. I love to travel, so anywhere in the world I can find yellow is on my bucket list.

Sounds like an amazing trip! Do you have any future travel plans or anywhere exciting that's next on your list?

I’m always dreaming of new travels. It’s part of my DNA. Actually, toying with different travel ideas and trying to imagine being immersed in the destination’s light, smell, movement, or wind may be the best part of traveling! Right now, I’m working on a visit to Havana, Cuba to capture its glorious colours and textures. Also on my radar are East Asia and Newfoundland in the winter. Of course, I’ll be skiing and snowshoeing in Quebec’s countryside. And finally, my craziest dream these days: Patagonia. I really hope I make this one happen!

You can find more of Anne McIsaac's work on her Instagram over at @yellowillow.

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